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Logistics coor.

jersey city, NJ

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The logistics department is looking for a logistics coordinator who would be responsible for creating actionable Shipping Plans / Routings, Pricing and Import documentation.



Job Description:

-Logistics Coordinator (general responsibilities listed below)

Arrange international shipments to the United States (Import), which entails:

- Providing customers (a list of accounts will be assigned to you to handle once you become familiar with the process) with full booking details and shipping options for their cargo. These request are normally submitted by their overseas suppliers/factories and need to be arranged to the U.S. or any destination we might service. 


-We provide customers with the above-mentioned info. via email as a formal booking form that includes available Shipping Schedules, Quotes/Rates, and Possible Routes that meet their specific needs.


- Over-look shipping document to guarantee that they are filed properly.

-Track shipments upon customer request

-Guarantee total customer satisfaction.


Job Requirements

2 + years of  shipping experience in a freight forwarding company

customer service experience

Good software skills

Ability to create shipping plans / documents 

Past experience to overseas shipping documentation 


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