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Manufacturing Engineer II

Oceanside, CA

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A Leading manufacturer is looking to hire an Engineer in San Diego, Ca.  This is a direct hire opportunity and comes with excellent salary and benefits package.

Job Requirements


  • Experience with GD&T- must be familiar with principles, feature control frame & basic dimensions, true position, and runout.
  • Cold heading, impact forming, deep drawing, and/or metal stamping.  Cam-operated transfer presses preferred
  • Rotary index/rotary transfer machines or other types of transfer machines where the workpiece is transferred from station to station for different machining operations.  or
  • Lathes, Mills, Screw machines/swiss-type lathes, and/or CNC machines.
  • Identify root cause of defect or problems using 8D method, Ishikawa/Fishbone Diagram, and/or five--why's
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