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San Diego, CA

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Looking to get to work ASAP?  You can be started as early as Wednesday 7/22/2020 on going contract role. 

Will Report to RemX Delivery MGR staff in on site.

Will complete required log and headcount on site logs at the end of each shift.

Temperature Taker will screen all workers’ temperatures prior to entering into the site The individual will be required to utilize a no-contact thermometer to check the temperature of individuals Face Shield, Plexiglass or other barriers may be utilized to minimize contact between Workers and Temperature Taker The individual will need to ensure all associates’ temperatures have been taken, marking fever or other symptoms on a list.

Thermometers and all PPE to be provided by the Organization.

Understand proper use and administer the calibration of the thermometer Individuals will need to alert supervisors if an associate has a temperature reading that exceeds 38ºC (100.4ºF) and/or has stated that they have answered yes to any question on the self-health assessment.

PPE and thermometers to be provided by Organization

Job Requirements

6 months plus as a CNA, EMT, MA or other healthcare professional

This site runs 24/7 so there are a variety of shifts that can be worked.

Full and part time hours offered.

Full Benefits and free education courses offered. 

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