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Team Member Relations

Blue Springs, MS

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Team Member Relations (TMR)

Location: Tupelo, MS

                          ******This is a 8 month contract position!******



Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:15pm


Monday-Friday6:30pm - 6:30am                       


Pay: $20.00 - $25.00 


About the position:


Build Relationships with Team Members

a. Spends time each day on the floor and is available for team member interaction during appropriate times on a regular basis.

b. Follows up with team members after issue resolution is attained or finalized

Problem Resolution Assistance

a. Actively works to facilitate resolution of issues presented by team members and follows-up until resolved.

Supports and Communicates Team Member Viewpoint

a. Based on trends, communicates the general team member perspective to section and HR management.

b. Clarifies team member perspective on issues in HR and Manufacturing meetings, when applicable.

c. Coaches team members through issues and/or supports the section to facilitate team members through issues

Consistent Policy Implementation

a. Knows and understands relevant HR policies and section standards and checks understanding by referencing available sources when unsure.

b. Works with section management to ensure consistent application of policies, guidelines, and procedures among T/Ms.

c. Provides regular policy training to Group Leaders to ensure consistent application (i.e. new policy roll-out, refresher).

d. Investigates team members who do not follow company policy/philosophy and works with Section Management and t/m to correct their behaviors

Promotes Continuous Improvement

a. Supports section task forces such as Quality Circles, BPG’s, etc. (i.e. participates in at least one in order to provide support).

Supports and Communicates Viewpoints "Owns the Message"

a. Reinforces company position on key business objectives and company-wide viewpoint of mutual trust between company  and T/Ms.

b. Clarifies the intent and application of company policy to team members.

c. Gauges magnitude of organizational issues and provides feedback to leadership




Job Requirements

A. Builds Relationships with Section

a. Interacts with GLs and MGRs daily to understand their perspective and issues they face.

b. Regularly attends and participates in section meetings (i.e. Daily Section Mgt. start-up, Team Member and/or Management meetings).

c. Supports Manager and above lunchbox meetings (i.e. Documents issues and ensures issues are tracked and resolved timely).

B. Understands Section Business

a. Understands and stays current on the Company, HR and responsible section KPI's and the systems that support these indicators.

b. Stays informed of production demands of section and what is creating issues related to the business.

c. Attends production meetings in order to understand current production conditions.

C. Develops Management Staff to Ensure Positive Morale

a. Identifies training needs and supports action plans to meet the specific needs of team members and Management.

b. Observes section management issues with t/m’s and provides coaching to influence positive change and improve TM relations.

c. Ensures fairness and consistency in section decisions impacting TMs. (i.e. transfer/promotion processes, special projects, voluntary OT, etc.

  • Required to have a resume

  • Dress for an interview

  • working knowledge of MS Office/Work/Excel

  • The position is to assist several managers in a very big office.

    • A working knowledge of MS Office is a must, ESPECIALLY EXCEL & WORD.

    • EXCEPTIONAL company to work for

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