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Our client has an immediate need for a backend Web Developer.  This is a contract to hire position.  Only candidates who can covert to permanent employees after 6 months will be considered.  MUST BE A NON-SMOKER.  The position is remote now but will revert to onsite when it is safe to do so.




  • Developing multi-tiered web applications using Ruby or other scripting languages (PHP, Perl, Python, etc.)
  • Developing with modern RDMS database design and query techniques (e.g., stored procedures, triggers, etc.) Oracle preferred but MySQL or MS-SQL are acceptable
  • The company is organized into self-managing development teams, each with a product owner and 2-4 developers.
  • Each team has a stable roster of clients, each of which have many projects.
  • The Developers work on these projects "cradle to grave", with intermittent new feature releases, and long-term support.
  • For the most part, Developers stay on one team for years at a time, and really get to absorb and learn institutional knowledge about the clients and their projects.
  • Almost all of the work is collaborative, either within a team or with clients.
  • The company values great communication skills.

Job Requirements



  • Non-smoker
  • 4-year college degree or better (will need to see an actual diploma)
  • Their tech stack is mostly Ruby (Rails), with a smattering of PHP for legacy project support.
  • The databases are Oracle 12.
  • They use GitLab CI for source management and devops automation.
  • They do not require specific skills in those languages to be a successful candidate, they have a robust training program for new developers and lots of opportunities for continuous training (and teaching) as they progress through their career. If a candidate understands the first principles of programming, a C-based language or two, and relational databases, they can go far at this client.


  • The ideal candidate has some or all of the following skills and qualities:
  • Intellectually curious: they'd rather know why and how something works than simply follow a recipe or click some check-boxes.
  • Self-starting: they can work through a story with minimal input from other team members, but are also able to avoid being bogged down by asking smart questions and raising issues to the team.
  • They have good to excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • They have experience working within a team of equals.
  • They are considerate of their team members, able to shoulder their part of the work, and help others when needed.
  • Pragmatic and professional: they make reasonable decisions about where to spend their energy when solving a problem.
  • They're not afraid to dig in and solve the real underlying cause, but they know when to stop and just fix the immediate symptom.
  • They are able to explain their decisions to their team.
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