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Mammographers Needed

$35+ an hour or based on experience 

Experience is required 

This position is Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Confirming patient identification & service ; reviewing imaging request; checking for special instructions
  • Providing explanations of imaging procedures; explaining equipment; answering questions in a compassionate manner
  • Conducts mammography study by positioning breasts; adjusting compression mechanisms; instructing patient to hold breath; retreating to lead protected area; adjusting equipment controls to set exposure factors; activating equipment to take image; releasing compression mechanisms; preparing for next positioning and view.
  • Practicing radiation protection techniques.
  • Maintains production and quality of mammograms by following established standards and procedures; developing mammograms; observing mammogram results; determining necessary adjustments for optimum results; retaking mammograms as required; forwarding completed studies to radiologist for interpretation.

Job Requirements

Experience is required- 6mos to 1 year

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