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Payroll Administrator (Westlake Village)

Thousand Oaks, CA

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Payroll Administrator 

1. Process and reconcile payroll and validate reports.

2. Review and audit approved timecards to ensure accuracy.

3. Prepare reports required for billing to various company locations for all payroll, tax, and audit related costs.

4. Process garnishments, tax withholding changes, and all other payroll deductions, including benefits deductions, as directed by employees and/or local/state/federal requirements.

5. Resolve payroll discrepancies and provide information regarding salaries, deductions, and time off accruals.

6. Adjust, verify and process pay increases, corrections, retirements, overtime, paid time off, and worker's compensation.

7. Audit time card reports and prepare reporting to appropriate company executives.

8. Prepare and/or reconcile various monthly, quarterly, and annual reports related to employee information, taxes, retirement, employment, benefits, leave and other related records.

9. Resolve payroll tax issues as needed.

10. Audit local, state, federal and other tax payments and balance payments to W-2 totals.

11. Process and audit employee reimbursements.

12. Process salary adjustments.








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