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Site Engineer (Houston,TX)

Houston, TX

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Site Engineer

Job Duties

- Bachelors level college degree in one of the following: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Construction Management

- Outdoor work site on small vessels, dredging plant, or fill area.

- Ensuring a safe work environment during all operations and tasks

- Will be using state-of-the-art technology to monitor and direct project activities and provide efficient dredging project execution. Our extensive fleet of GPS positioning software and hydrographic surveying equipment enable engineers to monitor every actively in near real-time.

- Planning project layouts for a massive fleet of ocean or river-based vessels by maintaining dredge instrumentation and automation.

- Contribute to the company's profitability through accurate tracking of dredging progress and survey processes.

- Dredge production monitoring, analysis, and reporting

- Daily dredge and quality control reporting

- Achieve success by delivery quality control excellence on all project sites.

- General support of our operations and fellow team members

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills

- You will be part of a diverse team that includes background experience in Civil Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction Management Engineering or experience in a construction relation work.

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