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Property Accountant

Atlanta GA

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RemX is seeking a Property Accountant for a client in Brookhaven. 50-70K Great growth opportunity! The Property Accountant will: · Prepare a...

RemX is seeking a Property Accountant for a client in Brookhaven. 50-70K

Great growth opportunity!

The Property Accountant will:

· Prepare all journal entries and process all account payable for cash receipts and monitor all accounts and analyze all operating expense and reconciliations and prepare budget for rental income and manage operating expense.

· Prepare all monthly financial reports and analyze all rent schedules and record all financial statements and prepare all reports for site level analysis and provide support to all accounting schedule and maintain same.

· Administer all lease processes and evaluate all activities and prepare required reports for same and ensure accuracy of all data tenant ledgers and coordinate with property manager and evaluate all reports on monthly basis.

· Coordinate with property manager to ensure compliance to all procedures and evaluate and prepare all annual budgets and review all expense ledgers and assist in recovery reconciliations.

· Manage all communication with property management and monitor all bills of tenants and ensure appropriate coding and prepare and update all general ledger and prepare all financial packages for all portfolios and assist to reconcile all balance sheet and income statement.

· Supervise all accounting information and provide assistance to all internal and external customers and prepare all monthly financial statements and reconcile all bank data and prepare all property associated reports and assist in all property funds.

· Coordinate with various teams and evaluate all accounts payable and coordinate with all foundations to ensure compliance with all loan and bond documents and maintain records of all account receivables.

· Analyze all property level balance sheet and cash flow statements and assist in all trustee bond accounts and maintain integrity of all data and ensure efficient processing of all customer and vendor invoices.

· Collaborate with revenue accounting and account receivables team to maintain knowledge of all transactions and participate in various acquisitions processes within required timeframe and ensure compliance to all internal controls and company policies.

· Evaluate all balance sheet accounts and evaluate all property activities and provide support to all documents and interpret all complex documents for loans and agreements and ensure compliance to all client requirements and provide support to asset management.


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