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National Staffing Employee of the Year, Violeta “Shaya” De Oleo Medina Proves: Anything is Possible if You Put Your Mind to it!

Shaya is just one of the many talented people RemX is proud to help connect with promising job opportunities that can change a person’s life. In fact, we help 9,000 people each year find career opportunities, but it’s dedicated individuals, like Shaya, who turn that opportunity into lifelong success! Find job opportunities with RemX.


It’s Her Story. And We’re Proud to be a Part of It … 

Shaya immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic in 2016 speaking only Spanish. Determined to succeed in the American workforce, she quickly taught herself English by watching Netflix on television and applied with RemX, a specialty division of EmployBridge. RemX placed Shaya on assignment with an auto transportation company as a temporary call center employee, where her bilingual skills were an asset. Shaya thrived in her role as her English skills continued to improve and her positive, can-do attitude persisted. Impressed with her communications and leadership abilities, the customer offered her a permanent role as a bilingual call center representative after just a few months on the job. Both Shaya and RemX couldn’t be happier.

“This experience has taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it,” said Shaya. “I taught myself the English language and rode my bike to work every day, and now I have achieved every goal I set out to accomplish. This career opportunity has made a tremendous impact on my life, and I feel amazing. I’m very grateful to RemX for jumpstarting my career and can’t wait to see what else is in my future.  As they say, the sky is the limit!”

Shaya’s success and that of the many other talented people RemX places nationwide across call center, finance and accounting, information technology and administrative positions, serve as inspiration to the recruiters who work hard to find them not just any job, but the right job where they can succeed.

“These are the stories that make what we do at RemX everyday worthwhile – providing people like Shaya with an opportunity to create a better life, both professionally and personally, but it’s Shaya who deserves all the credit for turning that opportunity into true success!” said RemX President Joanie Courtney, who also honored Shaya as the RemX Employee of the Year. 

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