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Tips For Millennial Job Seekers


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The school year is starting again, but recent grads aren't headed back to the classrooms this time around. Rather, they're off into the world of job seeking, interviews, and their future. Millennials, classified generally as the generation born between 1980 and 1992, are prominent in the job market, but this generation differs in that modern technology has played a huge part in their lives and upbringing. For example, many of these individuals do not know what life was life without an internet connection in the home, and some even younger people can't think of a world without the iPhone.

Millennials have to work, and many of these young people are eager to be a responsible portion of the workforce. The Huffington Post bluntly advises that Millennials should first and foremost "break the Millennial stereotype mold" - the media, pop culture and even the behavior of some of these young people have created many, sometimes unfair, characterizations of Millennial behavior. The expert at The Huffington Post advises that job seekers of this age demonstrate that they will work hard; stay at work late, complete tasks before deadline or offer to take on extra work.

Another expert suggests that Millennials reach out to companies with which they desire to work even if said organization is not hiring. By showing interest in the company, offering to intern or volunteer, a potential new hire illustrates his or her dedication and desire to work. In the example given, one candidate started off as a volunteer, but she was such an engaged part of the company that a position was created specially for her. While this is a rare case, job seekers can benefit from making connections in their field. Former supervisors can become mentors, or can provide connections to potential job opportunities.

Further advice from The Balance reminds Millennials that they need to be flexible when job seeking. Many people have their idea of a "dream" career, but the reality is that bills have to be paid and everyone has to live. Keeping a goal in mind is essential, the news provider adds, but chasing this idea of "perfection" in the ideal work scenario is going to limit one's opportunities. By keeping an open mind, any job seeker may find what he or she thought was going to be a dull position actually is a better fit for his or her life and current situation.

Both news outlets emphasize the importance of networking. Job seekers and even those in less-than-desirable positions can benefit from meeting others in their fields. Sometimes, this is as simple as a LinkedIn connection, and a bit of back and forth messaging. In other cases, people will attend events for professionals in their field, seek local groups and organizations, and be open to every person they meet. More recent graduates can reach out to their college career offices to find and connect with local professionals from their alma mater, or others in the industry. There will always be something to learn and someone from whom to learn it: The possibilities are endless.

With a polished resume and a positive attitude towards work, Millennials can find success in any role. While the first professional position may not be permanent, it can provide opportunities to learn and to grow, as long as individuals remain open-minded and eager.

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