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5 ways to better accommodate job seekers


4 ways to better accommodate job seekers

When you have a job opening to fill, it might not always be easy to remember that you're trying to sell top candidates on what you can offer them just as much as they're trying to do the same: Sell you on the idea of hiring them.

The following steps could make your company a little bit more applicant-friendly, which can, improve your brand as an employer top candidates will want to seek out:

1) Respond quickly

One of the key problems people have with the job search process is that many companies don't seem to respect their time, according to Inc. Hiring managers need to ensure that when they get an application or question from a job seeker, they respond within a business day. Simply put, you don't want to leave potentially great candidates hanging.

2) Stay in touch

Along similar lines, it's also important to be in regular contact with applicants throughout the hiring process, Inc., added. This way, even the more passive job seekers who aren't reaching out don't end up going a week or two without hearing from you.

3) Set expectations

It can be a good idea to be as transparent about your internal hiring process as you can, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. When you do so, people will know what to expect and won't feel like they're in the dark about whether they advanced to the next round of interviews. This can be as simple as sending a form letter that you just copy and paste, but it's great for letting people know where they stand.

4) Let people know when they don't get the job

In many cases, companies don't get in touch with people to let them know they weren't the preferred hire, the SHRM advised. Again, a quick form letter for applicants who got screened out early, or a quick phone call with those who ended up in the final group of potential hires, will help ensure people don't end the process frustrated with how you handled things on your end.

5) Finish the process in a timely manner

Above all else, it's important to make sure your hiring process is neither too long nor too short, according to Hireology. You shouldn't necessarily feel you have to make such a decision within 7-10 days, but you also shouldn't let things stretch out for as much as a month. Often, the best candidates are only on the job market for a couple of weeks, so you need to make sure your hiring process is responsive to that reality.

It's important to keep in mind here that you're not going to keep everyone happy in the hiring process since you can probably only hire one or two candidates. However, doing as much as you can to manage expectations and be clear with what's going on will at least minimize the number of people who end the process unhappy.

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