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6 things to bring to your job interview


6 things to bring to your job interview

When you've successfully earned an in-person job interview with a great cover letter, sparkling resume and possibly even a dynamite phone interview, you've cleared hurdles most candidates can't. However, while you're certainly on third base, that doesn't mean crossing the plate is assured, so you need to adequately prepare for the interview itself.

Beyond researching the company and practicing answers to common interview questions, it's also important to make sure you bring everything you may need. That includes the following:

1) ID

If you're driving to your interview, you're going to need your license anyway, but even if you're taking the train or bus, keeping proper identification with you is a good idea, according to The Balance Careers. That's because many companies or entire buildings now have security measures in place that require everyone coming in to present ID. You don't want to get stuck in a situation where you can't enter the building because you left your license at home.

2) Pencil and paper

It's always wise to take notes during a job interview, so you need the tools to do it, The Balance Careers added. A pencil and paper will give you the chance to do so without the click-clack of a laptop keyboard or the perception that you're not paying attention if you type into your phone. While you could certainly bring a pen if you prefer, you may not want to run into a situation where your ink runs out and you have to ask or go fishing around for a replacement.

3) "Emergency" items

You may run into any number of issues on your way into the interview, such as spilling a drink on your pants, getting a stain on your shirt, coffee breath, something stuck in your teeth and so on, according to Indeed. With that in mind, it's a good idea to make sure you have a plan for any eventuality, whether that's an extra set of clothes in your bag, a stain remover or something as simple as breath mints and floss.

4) A list of references

While many hiring managers aren't likely to ask you to for a list of references while you're sitting in the interview room, some might, Indeed cautioned. Instead of asking to email them with those names and contact details, it can be pretty impressive to pull a paper copy out of your bag while you're there.

5) Extra copies of your resume

Just like your references list, it's smart to have a few extra physical copies of your resume on hand, according to The Muse. After all, many companies now have multiple people sit in on your interview and you can't count on them all having seen your resume. Even if they have, your ability to even offer copies could make you seem more prepared and, thus, impressive.

6) Something to carry everything

If it's starting to seem like this is a lot of stuff to carry, you're right, The Muse noted. For that reason, you should have a nice professional bag or briefcase to rely on for storing everything you need.

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