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5 ways to shake up your hiring process


5 ways to shake up your hiring process

Companies often put a lot of work into their hiring process, but for one reason or another, these processes can become stagnant and not produce the same kinds of results they used to.

With that in mind, hiring managers and other decision-makers should always strive to improve their application screening and interviewing processes to ensure things continue to be effective. Below are five great ways to do so:

1) Put every position on a variety of job sites

Many companies try to keep the focus of their hiring efforts somewhat narrow, according to Fast Company. However, when they find themselves hiring many of the same kinds of people - or struggling to find qualified candidates at all - casting a wider net is often a good idea. Instead of only posting jobs internally, or only on the company website, putting them out there for the broader public to find easily will increase the number of applicants from different backgrounds.

2) Keep applications for candidates you didn't hire

Often, a decision comes down to two great candidates and, unfortunately, a business can only hire one. Instead of chalking the other one up as a loss, keeping their contact information on file so you can reach out when another position becomes available may help you continually bolster your team with great hires.

3) Clearly define every position and its requirements

One of the biggest time-wasters for both candidates and employers is when people who aren't qualified for the job apply for it anyway, according to Lisa Quast, a business consultant and trainer, writing for Forbes. The more companies can do to make sure they're listing every aspect of the job and the qualifications it requires, the more likely they will be to only get resumes from truly qualified applicants.

4) Get more people involved in the process

A great way to shake up a hiring process is by giving more people equity and a say in every step of it, Quast added. When other decision-makers are bringing their own preferences and perspectives into hiring, you're not only more likely to get a wider variety of candidates, but also a more holistic look at who will truly be the most effective hire.

5) Only interview the best applicants

One of the things that lengthens the hiring process for any company is when they interview several or more candidates, according to The Balance Careers. Some experts believe it might actually be smarter for managers to only bring in a handful of the most impressive candidates, whose on-paper qualifications really seem to jump off the page.

The more executives and other decision-makers can do to continually evaluate the effectiveness of their hiring process, the better off they will be when it comes to both attracting and retaining workers. But with a great hiring process also comes the requirement to continually offer top-notch salaries and benefits to truly maximize a firm's ability to draw in top talent.

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