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Spotting the right candidate in the interview


Spotting the right candidate in the interview

Everyone you're bringing in for an interview is, in some way, an impressive candidate in their own right. If they weren't, they wouldn't get that far in the candidate search process. The question for many hiring managers, then, is how to separate two or three even better candidates from that pack and finally settle on someone who's particularly impressive.

With that in mind, here are four great ways you can really determine who's going to be the best fit:

1) They seem enthusiastic

Even when people are extremely qualified for a job and come in for an interview, they may not be completely excited by the opportunity, according to Glassdoor. Candidates who are enthusiastic - about the job itself, the company, its corporate mission and so on - are far more likely to be good hires because you'll know you're going to get a 100% effort almost every single day. That kind of excitement can lead to serious long-term commitment from a candidate.

2) They're open and honest

No job candidate has a perfect record with their previous work experience and many may have regrets about missteps they've made in their careers, according to Find Law. While you can certainly expect interviewees to put a positive spin on their past, those who are also the most honest and clear about what went wrong and why may represent a great hire even if their mistakes were bigger than those made by other candidates.

3) They knock the curveballs out of the park

One key thing for any hiring manager to do is ask questions or present situations in which the candidate might not anticipate, according to The New York Times. Something as simple as interviewing them in the course of walking around the office for a tour, or asking a surprisingly tough question, could put many candidates on their heels. But those who deal with those unique and unexpected situations with aplomb may be the ones who are the best potential hires.

After all, no one's job is totally free of surprises and what often best defines workers is their ability to deal with adversity. If they can do that in the interview setting itself, that candidate could be head and shoulders above the competition.

4) They impress others

It's always a good idea to get second or even third opinions about a number of strong candidates, and as the interview process moves forward, bringing more people in to meet them is a great idea, The Times added. Your instincts might say Candidate A is the frontrunner, but if two other people say Candidate B appeals to them more, the reasons why may be something for you to consider when making your final decision.

Often, the best candidates for a given job will be someone who has that "it" factor, an intangible quality that seems to help them stand out from the crowd. To really engage them - both initially and on a continuing basis - you may need to do more to offer them higher salaries and better benefits or perks.

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