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6 job interview tips for recent college grads


6 job interview tips for recent college grads

If you're a recent college graduate, you're likely to spend the next few months going on a number of different job interviews. If you don't have a lot of experience with these kinds of meetings, and likely not for a career-track job, you might not know all the best ways to present yourself as professional, prepared and ready to begin your journey into the "real world" on the right foot.

With that in mind, here are six steps that should help you land the job of your dreams right out of college:

1) Know your strengths

When you're just starting out in a job search, you may know what you're looking for, but don't necessarily know how to pitch yourself as an ideal candidate, according to The Balance Careers. Sit down and put together a list of your best qualities, so you can better talk about why you would be a great hire. It also helps to not only be able to say, "I'm highly motivated," but to provide an anecdote illustrating that motivation, as well as some of the other positive traits you bring to the table.

2) Be enthusiastic

Coming in with a can-do attitude and a lot of energy is another great way to impress in your interview right off the bat, The Balance Careers advised. When you come across as enthusiastic, the hiring manager on the other side of the desk is more likely to see you as a go-getter who could be a great fit.

3) Don't worry about your credentials

Even if you think you're not necessarily qualified for a job based on some aspects of your work history (i.e. that you might not have much of one considering you just graduated from college), try applying anyway, according to tech executive Steve Deckert, talking to Forbes. Often, companies may be a little more flexible on your specific qualifications if it's a good culture fit.

4) Smile a lot

This ties back to enthusiasm but is more about body language, app development CEO Brian Fino told Forbes. If you look like you're happy for the opportunity, hiring managers are more likely to view you positively as a candidate overall.

5) Study up

While you just got out of college, your studying days aren't over yet, according to Monster. In any interview, you are likely to be asked what you know about the company, and you should have a solid, well-informed answer ready to go. That requires a bit of homework, but it's a small price to pay for getting your foot in the door on a career path you're excited about.

6) Prepare some questions to ask

Another common interview question is, "Do you have anything you want to ask me?" Your answer should always be yes, Monster cautioned. If you have a few insightful questions ready to go, you are more likely to come off as prepared, engaged and deeply interested not only in the position, but the company and industry as a whole.

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