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5 ideas for conducting better video interviews


5 ideas for conducting better video interviews

Current conditions around the world have forced many companies to start conducting job interviews via phone or video chat, and many people may have limited experience with these two types of meetings. With that in mind, it's vital for hiring managers to make sure they have a good method for conducting these interviews - so that all involved have as much success in finding the perfect match as possible.

That kind of effort requires companies to take the following steps, among other preparations:

1) Make sure everyone knows the process

When you're trying to figure out what your video interview process will be, it helps to codify everything you decide on, and let everyone who will use it - including interviewees - know what the process is, according to LinkedIn. That way, everyone knows what to expect and can get themselves set up appropriately for the interview. That may be especially important if it's a meeting with more than just a single interviewer and interviewee.

2) Test all necessary tech before use

All involved should make sure they are set up to conduct the interview as effectively as possible - in advance, LinkedIn noted. That means ensuring their lighting and camera are going to make them fully visible, the chat client of choice works on their computers, the internet connection is strong enough and so on. A little preparation here will go a long way, and will help ensure the interview process doesn't have a single hiccup.

3) Act appropriately

One thing that should certainly be impressed upon all involved is that while you may be stuck at home, this is still an important meeting and should be treated as such, according to Small Business Trends. That means dressing appropriately (i.e., in a suit, shirt and tie, etc.), making sure you are in a quiet area of your home to cut down on distractions as much as possible and keep the meetings going smoothly.

4) Start with some small talk

At least initially, everyone in your video interview process will probably be at least somewhat new to the concept, so easing into it with a bit of light conversation will help everyone acclimate, Small Business Trends added. This will also be a good time to make sure microphones and cameras are operating properly (though obviously this should not become a big process) and help get everyone accustomed to the sometimes strange approach a video interview requires.

5) Be aware of your background

As mentioned above, working from home - especially if you have kids - can be a bit distracting and difficult, according to BuiltIn. That means not only should you make sure you're in a relatively quiet part of your home, you should also ensure you aren't accidentally broadcasting a messy living room or spare bedroom behind you. Instead, you can set up a background image in many popular video chat platforms, so that no matter what's behind you, you're projecting a clean, professional image.

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