RemX Associates

Expectation On Assignment

At RemX, we want you to succeed and do well and for our clients to be satisfied with your work.  We have some expectations for our Associates in order to ensure that all parties are happy.

  • Commitment to the “RemX Code of Ethics”- Associates must sign this agreement, which addresses ethical and professional conduct.
  • Possess a strong work ethic – Our Associates require attributes that contribute to teamwork and a productive working environment.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor – Associates must always be on time, properly groomed, and must treat others with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

Associate FAQs

Q: When I am on an assignment for one of RemX’s client companies, who is my employer?

A: Regardless of which of RemX’s client companies you work for, RemX is always your employer.  Your RemX representative is your contact for all work assignments or employment questions or concerns.

Q: How long does my assignment last?

A: Assignments may range in length from one day to six months or longer.  Some are simple Direct Placements, where you will become a staff employee of the client right away.  At that time, the client will become your direct employer.

Q: What should I do if my job duties are different than those that were described to me?

A: Please notify your RemX representative immediately, especially if safety is a concern.

Q: What should I do if my assignment has ended?

A: Be sure to let your RemX representative know when your work assignment ends so we can consider you for a new assignment.

Q: What is the policy if I’m unable to report to work or will be in late?

A: If for any reason you must be late or absent from your assignment, notify RemX as soon as possible.  This permits RemX to meet our client’s needs by sending a replacement.

Q: When should I submit my timecard?

A: All timecards must be turned in by 9:00 A.M. Monday morning in order to be paid on Friday of the same week.

Q: When can I expect to be paid?

A: Payday is Friday of the week you submit your properly filled-in timecard (if Friday is a holiday, then payday will be the preceding Thursday).  Associates using direct deposit or paycards may review their paystub by clicking here or calling 855-219-2497.

Q: What should I do if I am injured while on assignment?

A: If an accident occurs and you are injured while on the job, call your RemX representative or safety coordinator immediately!  You are employed by RemX and covered by RemX’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance.  We must be notified immediately so that we can make sure you are given care and attention at the proper medical facility.

Q: Am I eligible for benefits through RemX?

A: When you were put on assignment, RemX assigned you a Benefit Type.  You will be provided with a benefit summary sheet during the hiring process that describes the benefits appropriate for your classification.

Q: What is RemX’s Referral Bonus Program?

A: RemX offices may offer a referral bonus for each qualified employee referred to RemX.  Please contact your RemX representative for more information.