Recruiting Expertise

In today’s economy, every project is critical.  You cannot afford to work with a staffing partner that is merely competent.  That is why RemX has developed a systematic approach to delivering highly motivated professionals who outthink, outwork, and outperform the rest of the field . . . true experts for your staffing needs.

Our online services include job applications, skill assessments, and career resources and make it convenient for busy candidates to build a career with us.  From our database of qualified professionals across the country, we can successfully fill open positions for companies nationwide.  Find out how we deliver the best-qualified professionals for your needs:

  • White-Glove Service – At RemX, we take the time to know our clients in order to find those high-class candidates you need.
  • Our Recruiting Advantage – Cutting-edge recruiting techniques that target job seekers the way they search for jobs.
  • Selection Standards – We require RemX contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire candidates to pass all five of our rigorous qualifications.
  • Video Interviews – RemX is one of the first in the industry to offer video interviews to give an immediate view of our qualified candidates (available in selected offices).
  • Skills-Based Testing – Our web-based skill and knowledge assessments are precise, comprehensive, and unparalleled. This can be custom built for your needs to ensure an exact fit.
  • RemXFactor – Breakthrough performance alignment to predict successful long-term placements and full-time hires.


RemX Reserve

Time waits for no one. These days, neither do top candidates. When time is money, every day matters when you have an open role.

RemX Reserve is how we ensure results. There is no added cost and allows you to lock in your top candidate quicker and easier. See how we achieve a 95% success rate by booking time to learn more about RemX Reserve.

“The RemX team recently asked us to give them time blocks for interviews where they could schedule candidates back-to-back for us. At first, we did not like the process, but it worked. RemX was able to fill an AR position within 48 hours. Since this worked so well, we just scheduled a round of interviews for our Helpdesk position. Being in Talent Acquisitions, I truly see the value in scheduling interviews ahead of time. Sometimes it is hard to get managers to commit to a time, but when it works, they love it.”

– Manager, Talent Acquisition, Wellness Industry