Client Testimonials

“RemX has always been there for us when we have a question or need something ASAP. They have a way of setting up interviews which I love. They get my schedule on when I can interview, schedule interviews for me back-to-back, and send me a confirmed interview schedule the day before. It works! I block that time in my calendar and the RemX team just sends me a confirmed schedule. Then, I hire the same day.”

– Senior Manager, Major Medical Company


“RemX provides us with top talent and understands our business needs.  And, we have a good rapport and mutually benefical working relationship.”

– HR Manager, Market Research Company


“I love how smoothly and quickly the hiring process worked with the last position that was filled for my department. RemX scheduled the interviews back-to-back and I was able to hire someone within 72 hours. I found this process extremely efficient and a much quicker process to hire…very much a fan!”

– Manager, Demand & Planning, Pharmaceutical Company


We have always had a great experience with RemX. Most recently, we were struggling on an Accountant III position that was open for months. The manager was extremely difficult to please, and I had requested the help of multiple staffing partners with no luck. Upon sending the email to the RemX team, they asked to schedule a call with the manager prior to engagement. During that call, they asked the manager to commit to prescheduled dates and times for interviews. After much pushback, the manager agreed. On the day of the interview, RemX only had two confirmed interviews. The manager met with both and hired one of them. I could not believe it. This manager would get resumes from me, then go dark for weeks leaving me to face our partners. I am so thankful to the RemX team for keeping our managers accountable.

– HR Manager, Finance Company


“They were extremely attentive in filling a unique requisition … they went the extra yard to ensure that the candidates they sent met expectations which paved the way for a quick fulfillment.”

– Vice President of Quality Assurance, Payment Technology Services Company