Selection Standards

To meet our higher standards, we require RemX contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire candidates to pass all five of our rigorous qualifications:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to a tough code of ethics – Our professionals agree to abide by RemX’s strict code of ethics and guidelines set forth in our Associate Handbook, which address ethical and professional conduct.
  2. Proven job performance – We insist on thorough reference checks for each of our RemX candidates to verify skill levels, performance histories, character, and attitude.  We also continuously build our pool of proven professionals by monitoring on-the-job performance and soliciting client satisfaction feedback.
  3. Sharp minds, top skills and education – One of the most significant predictors is a strong analytical ability to diagnose and solve problems. Our customized skills testing and behavioral interviewing allows us to determine specific knowledge, software proficiency, and business skills along with ensuring the candidate can apply that knowledge on the job from day one.
  4. Strong work principles – Comprehensive behavioral interviews give us the ability to focus on a candidate’s “will do” attitudes, such as teamwork and work ethic.
  5. Professional appearance and demeanor – Our Recruiters continuously assess each candidate through a screening process that begins before the first face-to-face interview.  When the stakes are this high, “good enough” people are not good enough.  Individuals are observed and evaluated on whether they arrive at the interview on time, look and act professionally, and treat people with courtesy and respect.