The importance of finding employees with great work ethic

May 16, 2022


Work ethic is an essential part of any organization, but what exactly does this mean? Work ethic is a belief that work and diligence have both a moral benefit and an inherent value to strengthen character and individual abilities. An employee with a good work ethic typically centers their values around the importance of hard work and determination.

Why is work ethic important?
Finding employees with a strong work ethic means they will do what it takes to get the job done and likely have a regular routine to accomplish tasks systematically. This has a significant impact on your organizational efficiency and resulting business success.

The main benefits an organization can expect from a workforce with adequate work ethic include:

Improved productivity
When an employee has an inclination to be determined and focused on their goals, they are significantly more likely to do great work for the company. They are typically looking for ways to achieve their work successfully, as well as how to accomplish their tasks most efficiently. According to a report from Chron, a positive attitude and good work ethic are directly related both to each other and to improved productivity.

Higher workplace morale
A strong work ethic in your workforce can also go a long way toward boosting morale. When employees are inherently motivated to achieve success, they are not only likely to work harder for an organization but also derive greater satisfaction from the work they’re producing. This can quickly increase morale throughout your workforce while motivating co-workers to maintain their productivity as well.

Reduced absenteeism
High rates of absenteeism can be incredibly costly for organizations. According to Dominion, unscheduled absenteeism can cost approximately $3,600 per hourly employee every year and $2,650 per salaried employee annually. Luckily, finding employees with a strong work ethic can help keep your rates of unscheduled absenteeism low. These employees find pride in their work and are less likely to miss work because of low engagement or burnout.

Lower turnover rates
In addition to reducing absenteeism rates, a workforce with a positive work ethic can also help your organization improve retention and decrease turnover rates. Because these workers are intent on achieving their objectives in the workplace and are more satisfied with their successful outcomes, they will want to stick around longer to continue doing a great job.

Greater operational efficiency
The culmination of these benefits is a boon to your operational efficiency. With determined employees comes improved productivity, boosted morale, higher retention and more — which inevitably leads to better business performance in the long run.

While turnover rates remain high and variable demand continues across industries, finding and retaining employees with a great work ethic will be essential. This can make a significant impact on your company culture, operations and overall success moving forward.