Using technology to recruit and retain a younger talent pool

February 22, 2022

As technology continues to evolve, it will be progressively important for organizations to leverage these solutions to improve the overall employee experience. The growing worker shortage highlights the need to utilize tech as a strategy to recruit the younger worker workforce and retain them long term.

Ensuring your business takes advantage of the latest technology helps your organization:

Optimize the onboarding process
Ensuring the onboarding process is efficient and successful is increasingly vital to retain new hires. In fact, a report from Sapling found that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by up to 82%. However, the report also found 88% of organizations don't onboard well, and are, therefore, missing a significant opportunity to increase their chances of retaining top talent.

Companies tend to overlook technology as a suitable aid to these issues, but employing advanced solutions throughout onboarding can simultaneously optimize and simplify the process. Successful incorporation of technology leads to:

  • Clear communication of company culture and ethos
  • Clarified roles and expectations
  • Transparent explanations of policies and procedures

Upgrade the training and learning experience
Offering proper training and development opportunities is more important than ever today — especially for the younger workforce. According to a report from Lorman, 76% of millennials believe training and professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture, and 59% claim they are a considerable factor when deciding whether to apply for a job.

However, ensuring proper training and development are at the forefront of your organization's culture doesn't have to be complicated. With improved technology, major features of these processes can be handled for you. Corporations can utilize software and platforms that offer training content to be completed online. Additionally, these platforms typically offer enhanced reporting, analytics and data that can be used by management to track progress and continue to improve these programs in the future. Not only will the younger workforce value the chance to train and learn in more engaging and effective ways, but upskilling employees will be highly advantageous for the company overall.

Effectively implement automation when applicable
Corporations and employees tend to be skeptical of automation, fearing that it's intended to replace workers. However, when utilized correctly, it acts as an aid to businesses and allows employees to focus on more meaningful work. Automation can take care of the menial, repetitive and error-prone tasks of the past, allowing workers to focus their attention on more complex projects. This leads to a more satisfied workforce who are able to find their purpose within an organization. While the capabilities of automation continue to grow, it will be increasingly critical for organizations to employ — to foster a more fulfilled workforce.

Technology is useful for organizations to simplify and optimize a number of time-consuming tasks, and with advanced solutions, it's possible to go through these processes more efficiently and successfully. The culmination of these aspects is likely to result in increased productivity and satisfaction, leading to improved long-term retention and talent recruitment moving forward.