Workplace trends to embrace in 2022

January 17, 2022

The workplace has quickly transformed over the past few years, and these changes don't show any signs of slowing down just yet. From the evolution of workplace models to improvements in technology, it's essential for organizations to understand and keep pace with these shifts moving forward. The most common trends for companies to acknowledge and embrace in 2022 include:

1. Hybrid and remote work models
The COVID-19 pandemic had a lot of major consequences on the workplace, but one of its biggest ramifications was the growth in remote and hybrid work models. A study from Gallup reports an estimated 45% of full-time employees are working remotely at least some of the time. Employees benefit from the flexibility, improved work-life balance, lack of commute and more, while organizations are seeing advantages in the form of happier and more productive employees. As a result, 97% of workers desire at least some form of remote work, according to Flexjobs. This emphasizes the importance of considering more flexible working options to retain in-house talent.

2. The prioritization of employee health and well-being
Another essential trend to implement in 2022 is a greater focus on workers' well-being. This includes organizational leaders attempting to recognize and address employee burnout as quickly as possible. An overwhelmed and burned-out workplace results in disengaged, unproductive and inefficient workers, which is detrimental to your bottom line and your workforce's mental health. According to a survey from Deloitte, 77% of respondents reported experiencing burnout at their job, and these staggering numbers are incredibly costly to organizations in the long run.

3. The utilization of digital tools
Advancements in technology will prove beneficial to many organizations. Encompassing improvements in digital tools for growth in hybrid work models, as well as the adoption of AI and automation to help simplify tasks and increase productivity. The employment of improved technology is also advantageous for remote collaboration, safety, innovation and cost savings. The utilization of these digital tools is only expected to grow, so it's paramount for businesses to adopt and effectively implement these technologies in 2022.

4. Employing learning and developing for reskilling
Organizations are increasingly aware of employees' desire for learning and development opportunities. In 2022, it might be common to see these programs modified for reskilling purposes within the company. As a result of the Great Resignation and ongoing talent shortage, approximately 40% of the global workforce will need reskilling of up to six months by 2024, according to a report from the World Economic Forum. This will be a necessity to fill open roles within the business while retaining your current pool of talent. Because of employees' general desire to learn and grow, it might be beneficial to open the lines of communication amongst your teams to understand how their goals and the company's needs might align.

Growing trends in the corporate sphere are quickly changing organizations, leaders and their employees. However, understanding and adopting beneficial trends is a valuable way to build an agile workforce amongst these changes and drive operational efficiency in the coming year.